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Influenza Vaccinations Autum / Winter 2020

We have updated information on who is eligible for flu vaccinations over the Autumn / Winter Season 2020 on our Practice Info Page

If you have any enquiries about an appointment for a flu vaccination for 65+ age groups only - telephone the helpline on 0141 201 4180 or email adult.flu@ggc.scot.nhs.uk

Please note the staff on the helpine are not qualified to deal with eligibility questions for patients below the age of 65.

Current Consultation and Contact Arrangements at Crookston Medical Centre - October 2020

We still wish to continue with minimising access to the Medical Centre at this time by conducting telephone and video consultations for our patients as our first assessment measure. So please telephone the surgery for an appointment. If you wish to have a video consultation this can be done using Attend Anywhere and we can send instructions on how to use this service. These measures are for patient and staff safety.

We have installed new Perspex screens for our reception area for the benefit of our staff, visitors and for patients who have to attend the practice

Wherever possible prescription requests will be handled as normal BUT the prescriptions will be passed to a pharmacy of your choice to minimise unnecessary surgery attendance. This is for the benefit of our patients and our staff. Please assist with this request. There is more information on our Prescription Page.

We can allow limited access to the surgery by prior arrangement with patients to come in through the front door but normally exit through the back door at the Treatment Room area. Patients who are asked to attend should do so with a face covering and ideally gloves until further notice.

We will soon be able to open up the waiting room – maximum of 5 to allow for effective social distancing if the weather is poor but we may still utilise the pram park for waiting if the weather is fair.

 Sanitising Units are available at the entrance and exits of the building

Consultation Structure

There will be a telephone triage for all calls between 9am-11am

We have a Crookston “Cobra” for the doctors and staff where important developments are discussed and prescriptions signed at 11.00 -11.30am every morning

Necessary patient attendances will be at 15 minute appointments from 11.30am-1.00pm

Lunch break and emergency calls only between 1.00pm-2.00pm

Telephone Consultations and Triage 2.00pm – 4.00pm

15 minute appointments 4.00pm – 6.00pm

 House visit requests will be thoroughly vetted - for patient safety and to minimise risks of virus transmission.

 Attend Anywhere

We have a facility for safe encrypted video consultations which can be arranged via an appointment – after making an appointment you can access this service via a mobile smart phone or in some cases via computer (you will need Google Chrome or Sarfari as your Internet Browser) by typing in:


then completing your name date of birth and contact telephone number. This will then be flagged up on our system and a doctor will be available to conduct a video consultation (essentially an encrypted Skype/Facetime video consultation)

Can we use our mobile phone or practice email to send this to our patients who may want to use this service.

Scottish Government Instructions

Restrictive measures still remain in place at this stage in the pandemic, with Ms Sturgeon stressing the country must still exercise “care and caution”.

More detailed information is available at www.gov.scot/coronavirus-covid-19/



Patient Conduct and Bad Behaviour

While the conduct of the vast majority of our patients has been empathic and exemplary – the behaviour of a small minority of our patients, at this difficult time for everyone – has been extremely unhelpful.

The severity of the epidemic has been very traumatic for the clinicians and staff at Crookston Medical Centre – many of whom have been off with symptoms of the virus or having tested positive for coronavirus exposure. We have also had to witness many deaths at our local Nursing Homes and deal with bereaved relatives in as sympathetic a manner as possible considering the distancing and exposure requirements.

In addition, we have had to adapt to changing circumstances and a plethora of bureaucratic edicts to try and contain the spread of the virus and minimise its impact on the most vulnerable.

Thus, while acknowledging the stress on many individuals it is still very disappointing to report the abuse of our repeat prescribing system (which was altered to assist with social distancing). It is additionally the case that certain individuals have been plaguing the practice with daily demands and nuisance calls. With many examples of rude, aggressive and inconsiderate behaviour!


While we have been obliged to put up with this “bad behaviour” due to the requirements of maintaining a medical service for everyone during the lockdown – this will not continue!

We will be asking several individuals to leave the practice and find another medical service and in some cases the people involved will simply be removed from our Practice List!

We are however a community that has lived through this crisis together and we sincerely hope that the individual characteristics of our country will pull us together and provide mutual support at this challenging time.

We therefore appeal for politeness, care and compassion for our staff and promise that these sentiments will be reciprocated from our clinical team in return!