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Surgery Consultations

The surgery is opened from 09:00 – 13:00 and   14:00 – 18:00 Monday to Friday. We have an early morning surgery on a Tuesday from 07:00 by appointment and a late evening surgery on a Monday until 19:00 – again by appointment. 

All consultations are by appointment (15 minutes duration) and can be made during these times. As far as possible we strive to provide a “same day” service but also offer pre-booked appointments for the convenience of our patients. 

If you require an urgent appointment please let the receptionist know so that we can arrange foryou to be seen on the same day in one of our "urgent emergency" slots. You will not have a choice of doctor for these appointments. 

You may however wish to indicate whether you would prefer a male or female doctor when an urgent appointment is required, though this may not be guaranteed.

If you feel your problem is particularly complex or it involves several problems, please ask for an extended or double appointment with the nurse or doctor.

Telephone Calls

The doctors and nurses will normally have finished morning surgery by midday and should be available to speak to you if you need telephone advice at that time.  

If you are looking for advice and do not particularly need or wish to see a GP you can ask the reception staff for an appropriate time slot to phone and discuss any healthcare matters  

You can book an appointment for a telephone consultation if you desire.

House Calls

Housecalls are only made for the seriously ill or seriously disabled who are housebound.  For those who are housebound calls must be requested before 10:00 unless an unexpected emergency arises. 

We wish to provide all of our patients with a good service but if everyone who is suffering from mild illness or not seriously ill requests a housecall we could not continue to supply such a responsive service and overall patient care would suffer.

Dr Graham, Dr Watson, Dr Balmer, Dr. Hazell and Dr McMillan see patients who are acutely unwell on the same day (especially babies and children and the frail elderly).  If patients use the service well it will improve for the benefit of everyone.

Emergency (Out Of Hours)

Emergency Appointments and house visits after 18:00 weekdays and weekends/public holidays will be dealt with by NHS 24. 

The contact telephone number is as follows:  111.

The NHS 24 website address is

Attend Anywhere

We are trialling a new system of video consultations in a restricted manner to assess if this service will be useful for our patients who may have difficulty getting to the surgery in normal working weekday hours.

Where appropriate you can have your consultation online via a video call. Videocalling is as convenient as a phone call with the added value of face to face communication. It can save you time and money and may bring your care closer to home. 

If you are interested in accessing this service can you let our reception staff know and we can provide further information on how it can be accessed and used. 

We have a limited facility for video consultations which can be arranged via an appointment – after making an appointment you can access this service via a mobile smart phone or in some cases via computer by typing in completing your name date of birth and contact telephone number. This will then be flagged up on our system and a doctor will be available to conduct a video consultation (essentially an encrypted Skype/Facetime video consultation)


Patients can also contact the surgery by email.

General enquiries


These email boxes are accessed twice daily.

Cancellations/Keeping Appointments

Please do not waste appointments.  Other patients can use a cancellation so please cancel as soon as you know you can’t attend.

In rare occasions there may be an emergency that prevents this from happening however patients who consistently continue to waste appointments by booking and not cancelling will be removed from our list. It is selfish and discourteous and can deprive others of receiving more prompt medical attention.  If you are unable to keep your appointment for any reason PLEASE let us know as early as possible so that we can reallocate the time to another person.

Online Appointments

Awaiting Update

Patients with Particular Needs

Disabled Access: Our surgery is accessible to patients using a wheelchair.  We also have 2 parking spaces outside which are reserved for patients displaying a disabled sticker.

Non English Speakers: Interpretation and translation services can be arranged for patients who do not speak English.  Please let us know if you need this service when booking an appointment.  

Change of Address / Telephone Numbers

Please tell us if you change your name, address, email, mobile or landline telephone number.

This information is essential to enable us to keep your information as up-to-date as possible on our computer system. It will also assist in communications with you for the provision of our newsletters, blogs or essential clinical personal information as well as a contact point in an emergency.

Please also note that if your new address falls outside of our catchment area, you will need to register with a new GP and we will be contacting you regarding this matter.