Practice News

27th May 2021


We are pleased to announce that as of Wednesday the 2nd of June 2021 we will now be able to offer a direct option of face to face appointments once again.  

As of the 2nd of June when you call the reception – administration staff will ask whether you require a face to face OR telephone appointment.

Given anticipated high demand for face to face appointments, we ask you consider whether your issue could dealt with over the telephone and utilise this option, freeing up the face to face appointments for the patients who need them most.  Telephone appointments will be telephone appointments only and not a means of obtaining a face to face appointment.  

We will be re-initiating the 9am booking window for the morning appointments (both telephone and face to face) and the 11am booking window for the afternoon appointments.  


“covid security” will remain a extremely high priority in our new structure; 

· Please continue to use the hatch to the left of the vestibule to communicate with the reception staff. 

· Do not enter the surgery unless advised to do so by the reception or clinical staff.

· The default position for waiting for an appointment will remain as outside the surgery until called by the Doctor.  The socially distanced waiting room is there for patients unable to stand and wait.   

· You are responsible not to attend the surgery if you have any symptoms of the coronavirus.  Our reception staff will screen for coronavirus symptoms during the booking of a face to face appointment.  Positive cases attending and waiting at the surgery jeopardises the whole new face to face appointment structure.   

Above all else we request your patience and compliance over this change.  The demand for our services remains higher than we have ever seen before – we request that you always use our services in a responsible and courteous manner. 


Thank you


Crookston Medical Centre